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Tread and side walls come in contact with different environments and the compounds have to be specially designed to provide adequate performance.

Bremels is probably the only Solid Tyre manufacturing company in Asia to provide a wide variety of treads (and side walls) specially designed for specific applications.

Several years of tread making experience of Bremels has come handy here.

Designing tyre components mainly for long wear and high load bearing capacity are two common features that are covered for all special applications. Besides, designing these for right economics is our forte.

Common Hi-tech operations that make every tyre different from many others are:

a) Perfect use of fiber-rubber composite technology.
b) “Reservoir” concept for anti-degradants for providing long ageing protection.
c) Component balancing for ultimate load carrying capacity and also Load – Deflection characteristics and
d) Technology adapted in curing that provides a correct technique to control exothermic nature of cross-      linking reaction.


With this general set of requirements, highly special tread (and side wall) compounds are used by Bremels in Solid Tyres that offer following benefits:

regulary performance


1) High abrasion resistance in treads.
2) High load bearing capacity in the core.
3) Excellent Cushioning effect.
4) Tough bead zones to avoid slippage.

electircally conducting


1) Special compounding to provide resistance to electric shocks.
2) No build up of static electrical charges.
3) Safe in explosive environment.


1) Use of speciality polymers for oil resistance.
2) Controlled oil swelling.
3) Special compounding without using general mechanical properties.

rought enviornment


1) No chunking.
2) No chipping.
3) Controlled cut growth.
4) Use of most advanced technology of fiber-rubber composits.
5) High tear resistance.
6) High impact resistance.
7) High resilience.

heat resistance


1) Non reverting tread compounds.
2) Predominantly mono and disulphide cross-link structure.
3) Use of specialty antioxidants.
4) Use of special heat resistant polymers.
5) Compounding to achieve heat resistance.

low temperature performance


1) Designed to work at Sub-Zero temperature.
2) Use of polymers having low Glass–Transition temperatures.
3) Low–Temperature active plasticizers.

solvent and chemical resistance


1) Use of Acryl-Nitrite rubber.
2) Compounding for solvent/chemical resistance.

Non marking


1) Separate stocks for inner components and outer components.
2) Tread and sidewalls compounded without use of carbon blacks.
3) Use of Non-Staining antioxidants.
4) Use of migration barrier stock.

Indofork tyres are offered in all these speciality stocks for treads(and also for side walls) on special request.

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